MANSION is a collective of music-lovers that devote their efforts towards throwing quality events in non-traditional settings. Our mission has been to:
  • Open the city's doors to the very best international producers/performers.
  • Support the initiatives of innovative local talent.
  • Bring concepts to life that our guests have never experienced before - in spaces such as lofts, galleries, warehouses, churches, and Chinese restaurants, as well as, legitimate music venues.
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Otherland: R&S Records Label Night — Joey Beltram, Lone Live A/V, Tessela

For our third edition, we bring together two generations from the legendary R&S outfit — Joey Beltram, heralded as one of the scene’s most respected pioneers, alongside acclaimed UK producers Lone and Tessela.

Room 1 — R&S Records Label Night

Joey Beltram
LONE. (Live A/V)
Jokers of the Scene

Room 2 — ETC. Residents Showcase

Violca Riviera
Parkdale Beach
Waseem Dabdoub


14.50 Early Birds (Online Only): SOLD OUT
19.50 Regular: http://bit.ly/VcVU9u

Physical tickets will be at Soundscapes, Play De Record, and Rotate This on Tues, Aug 12.



OTHERLAND is a new series of nights dedicated to the DJs, producers, and live performers who share our love for something different.

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