MANSION is a collective of music-lovers that devote their efforts towards throwing quality events in non-traditional settings. Our mission has been to:
  • Open the city's doors to the very best international producers/performers.
  • Support the initiatives of innovative local talent.
  • Bring concepts to life that our guests have never experienced before - in spaces such as lofts, galleries, warehouses, churches, and Chinese restaurants, as well as, legitimate music venues.
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Sapporo presents —

Off Foundry // Jeff Mills & Special Guests

Foundry returns in 2015 with a new specially curated series of nights outside the confines of our festival, featuring groundbreaking artists throughout the year.

For our inaugural edition, we’re pleased to bring one of the most revered names in electronic music — Jeff Mills — for a 3+ hour extended set in support of his new film, Man From Tomorrow.

Gallery //

— Jeff Mills (Axis Records, Detroit)

There are techno DJs, and then there’s Jeff Mills. Schooled in the eclectic radio scene of early 80s Detroit, Mills developed a rapid-fire mixing style that became the blueprint for virtually all the city’s techno DJs, though few have managed to achieve his mythical status and universal respect.

A co-founder of the equally revered Underground Resistance collective, Mills took the plaintive sci-fi moods of his techno forebears May, Saunderson and Atkins into fierce and uncharted realms, stripping tracks back to their bare bones and unleashing them into the mix one after the other with nuclear intensity and unremitting funk.

An avowed futurist, Mills’ own recording projects not only pioneered but pretty much set the high watermark for many of the scene’s most prominent movements, from industrial to hardcore, tribal and minimal techno, while recent years have seen him investigate slower, more hypnotic moods. In full force, pure techno is rarely finer than in Mills’ furiously flickering hands.

— Gingy (Clone Records/Royal Oak, Toronto)
— Box of Kittens DJs (Jamie Kidd, Mike Gibbs, Fabio Palermo)

Glass Factory //

— DJ Colin (Wyrd Visions)
— Martin Fazekas


34.50 Early Bird (Online Only)
39.50 Advance (Online & In-Stores)

Online: http://ticketf.ly/1BBiCYl

Physical tickets available at Soundscapes, Play De Record, and Rotate This on Thurs, January 8th.


A collaborative project by Box of Kittens, Breakandenter, Gingy, Colin Bergh, Evening Standard, and Mansion.

Sponsored by Sapporo Canada.


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