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Mansion / past

Pop Kult #10 // Joakim x Scott Seewhale x Colin Bergh


Tigersushi founder and veteran French producer Joakim brings his melancholic, yet infectious blend of indie rock, disco, and pop to the Gladstone. Support from local tastemakers Scott Seewhale (Nacho Lovers) and Colin Bergh (Wyrd Visions/Bad Day Magazine).

+ Joakim (Tigersushi, Paris)

Joakim is one of France’s foremost electronic musicians, but remains, stylistically, hard to pin down. With a background in classical music, indie rock and mid 90s electronic music it becomes apparent that his lineage has much to do with his breeding.

Our story starts at University, where Joakim found himself the surrogate father of a synthesiser after a departed campus mate callously left it in his room. The debut album ‘Tiger Sushi’ was composed entirely of free-jazz samples in a cheap studio setup, before moving into more personal territory with 2003’s sophomore album ‘Fantômes.’ In 2007 we saw the release of the ambitious Monsters and Silly Songs’ [2007], combining post-punk, disco, electronics and, well, silly songs.

From here Joakim went a short road of discovery through the media of the Remix, enjoying a prolific period remixing artists such as Goldfrapp, Friendly Fires, DJ Mehdi, Cut Copy, Tiga, Fisherspooner, Late of Pier, Max Berlin and Zombie Zombie amongst others.

+ Scott Seewhale (Nacho Lovers/Fool’s Gold, TO)

+ Colin Bergh (Bad Day/Wyrd Visions, TO)

+ Visuals by Alex Ordanis (Stellar Citizens, TO)

+ Photos by Conrad McGee-Stocks & Catherine Chung

+ Photobooth by Luis Mora

$10 Advanced Tickets (Guaranteed Entry) available at Rotate This, Soundscapes, Play de Record and Ticketweb.ca: http://www.ticketweb.ca/t3/sale/SaleEventDetail?dispatch=loadSelectionData&eventId=4788035

$10 Reduced Guestlist (Subject to Capacity), e-mail names to guestlist@wearemansion.ca.

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